19th – 21st May

Location: Broadstone Warren
Event Price: £45
Student Event Price: £40
(Requires student ID)

Day Tickets:

  • Fri: £15
  • Sat: £25
  • Sun: £15

Nearest station: East Grinstead
Car drivers: input RH18 5JP into your satnav and when you reach your location follow the Green Cloaks / Virium Entertainment signs.

  • Players may begin arriving from 12:00pm on Friday 19th May.
  • New player brief/refresher: 6pm
  • Time in on Friday: 7pm – Midnight
  • Saturday time in: 10am – Midnight
  • Sunday time in: 10am
  • Time out on Sunday: 3-4pm (ish) battle dependant
  • Players to have vacated the site on Sunday 21st by 19:00


  • Hack & Slash
  • Blastersmiths UK
  • UK Nerf
  • Vengance FX
  • Kestrel FX
  • Jaunty and Rakish
  • Paul Chalkley & Co. Catering
  • Crimson Moon Tavern
  • Bring and buy in G.O.D


Transmission incoming, please stand by…
>Transmission ident: #130HD657E Zennor System Command – Falcon Legion,
TSN Segovax Cluster High Command: Seg auth-code #B152G…
>Valid Auth, parsing message.
>Level 12a encryption, priority 1.
>Decryption complete.

Recipient(s): The Green Cloaks taskforce.
Subject(s): Orders, Deployment 2.
Message reads:
From Falcon Legion Command group, Fleet Admiral Drax
Thank you for your continued war efforts on Zennor Greencloaks, the TSA has been able to begin reinforcing the Planetary Defence Force in your current location, and resist against the surge of Evolved in that area.
The Greencloaks attack on the Evolved cloning facilities was a successful mission, and their ability to create new troops on the planet’s surface has been heavily damaged.
During this mission, a dataslate was recovered giving us intel that the Evolved have successfully captured ABADON. He is an ancient One Bakkar construct that has been utilised as their General in troop conversion, and been at the forefront of many battles. ABADON is placed in the list of the TSA most wanted and dangerous.
Your Primary Objective is to locate where he is being held. If his location is to be moved, strike at this time and destroy ABADON. Do not allow the Evolved time to extract information from him. He is likely to contain strategic information that could be used against the TSA, based on previous wars.
The Evolved fleet has regrouped and is using a more defensive stance than their usual tactics. Look for any intel as to what their next move may be. It is important that you relay any information to us using auth-code #114FL205Y.
Due to logistics issues and the importance of supply to front line efforts the TSA is licencing three of the major trade concerns of the Segovax cluster to begin supply operations with the TSA regiments operating on Zennor.
During the time of your next deployment, naval intelligence will be arriving to conduct the selection interviews for the volunteers for the special operations group that you have already been briefed on.
There are many questions that still require answers.
We await your next transmission from the surface.
Fleet Admiral Drax, Falcon Legion TSN Zennor System Command.
>Transmission Ends

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