30 June – 2 July 2017

Location: Broadstone Warren
Event Price: £45
Student Event Price: £40
(Requires student ID)

Day Tickets:

  • Fri: £15
  • Sat: £25
  • Sun: £15

Nearest station: East Grinstead

Car drivers: input RH18 5JP into your satnav and when you reach your location follow the Green Cloaks / Virium Entertainment signs.

  • Players may begin arriving from 12:00pm on Friday 30th June.
  • New player brief/refresher: 6pm
  • Time in on Friday: 7pm – Midnight
  • Saturday time in: 10am – Midnight
  • Sunday time in: 10am
  • Time out on Sunday: 3-4pm (ish) battle dependant
  • Players to have vacated the site on Sunday 2nd by 19:00
  • Any and all enquiries including monstering, please direct them to the appropriate address on our Contact Us page.


  • Hack & Slash
  • Blastersmiths UK
  • UK Nerf
  • Vengance FX
  • Kestrel FX
  • Jaunty and Rakish
  • Paul Chalkley & Co. Catering
  • Crimson Moon Tavern
  • Last Chance Trades
  • Bring and buy in G.O.D


Transmission incoming, please stand by…
>Transmission ident: #144IA101P
Zennor System Command – Falcon Legion,
TSN Segovax Cluster High Command: Seg auth-code #B152G…
>Valid Auth, parsing message.
>Level 12a encryption, priority 1.
>Decryption complete.

Recipient(s): The Green Cloaks taskforce.

Subject(s): Orders, Deployment 3.

Message reads:

From Falcon Legion Command group, Fleet Admiral Drax

Thank you for your continued war efforts on Zennor Greencloaks, important intel has been collected regarding the movements of the Evolved.

The Greencloaks Mission to enter ABADON and discover the Evolved main target was unsuccessful. ABADON is damaged, however still active. Some history of the One Bakkar was retrieved, but information stolen by the Evolved has evaded us.

It is imperative that this information is recovered. We are very close to discovering the Evolved Primary target, and this is key to us taking control in this war.

Your Primary Objective is to discover the Evolved main target and communicate it directly to the Falcon Legion using auth-code #141FL271C. After this, Brigadier Peter Arkwright will be in direct contact with updated orders.

The One Bakkar has re-mobilised since the capture of Abadon. They have destroyed several Zennorite communities within 150 miles of your location. Our intelligence division believe these locations to be of no military advantage for the One Bakkar, and seek new information of their current goals.

It has also been made clear that the combine are coming to negotiate diplomatic terms. It is important to remember that due to perceived personal insults, diplomatic ties with the combine are already tense, and we can ill afford another war front.

There are many questions that still require answers.
We await your next transmission from the surface.

Fleet Admiral Drax, Falcon Legion TSN Zennor System Command.

>Transmission Ends
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