14th – 16th April 2017

Location: Broadstone Warren
Event Price: £45
Student Event Price: £40
(Requires student ID)

Day Tickets:

  • Fri: £15
  • Sat: £25
  • Sun: £15

Nearest station: East Grinstead

  • Players may begin arriving from 12:00pm on Friday 14th April.
  • New player brief/refresher: 6pm
  • Time in on Friday: 7pm – midnight
  • Saturday time in: 10am – midnight
  • Sunday time in: 10am
  • Time out on Sunday: 3-4pm (ish)
  • Players to have vacated the site on Sunday 16th by 19:00


  • Hack & Slash
  • Blastersmiths UK
  • UK Nerf
  • Vengance FX
  • Kestrel FX
  • Jaunty and Rakish
  • Paul Chalkley & Co. Catering
  • Crimson Moon Tavern
  • Bring and buy in G.O.D


Transmission incoming, please stand by…
>Transmission ident: #104HC133E
Zennor System Command – Falcon Legion,
TSN Segovax Cluster High Command: Seg auth-code #B152G…
>Valid Auth, parsing message.
>Level 12a encryption, priority 1.
>Decryption complete.

Recipient(s): The Green Cloaks taskforce.

Subject(s): Orders, Deployment 1.

Message reads:

From Falcon Legion Command group, Fleet Admiral Drax

Welcome back to Zennor Greencloaks, the TSA forces on the ground will appreciate the reinforcement.

You are to to land in the forest 150km South of Melrose and scout out the area. Be prepared for high threat levels of Evolved activity. Your primary mission will be to set up a defensive foothold in the area. There may be planetary defence forces remaining in the area. They will require support, and may have vital intelligence on the area. It is important that you relay any information to us using auth-code #472FL221C.

As a secondary objective, gather intelligence and track down the Vrede-Terran Sovereignty ambassador. She has not reported back in weeks, after visiting that area with vital supplies for our allies. Her safe return is of high importance to ensuring that more Vrede do not join the Evolved cause.

The information given to us before your extraction 6016 in regards to the Evolved ship’s cloaking ability has been held in great esteem. They have now found a way to counter this, but we thank you for your efforts yet again. The battle for the skies was in our favour until recently, as the Evolved seem to be concentrating on sending scouts onto the planetary surface. The leader of the planetary resistance, Lady Von Beck, has contacted us with reports that the Evolved have been searching governmental libraries. However the buildings were destroyed after, so we do not have any information on what they are looking for. Contact us with the above auth-code with more information on this.

There are many questions that still require answers,
We await your next transmission from the surface,

Fleet Admiral Drax, Falcon Legion TSN Zennor System Command.


>Transmission Ends

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